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“Alco Blocker” – the cure for alcoholism, which operates most effectively at an early stage. People are not even aware that his addiction was gone. In order to recover on the second and third stages will require more time. However, judging by what about the “Alco Blocker” reviews give doctors, in a month there comes a full recovery.


Part Alco Blocker drops contains only natural ingredients. In the product no dyes, harmful preservatives or dietary supplements, and GMOs. Drops “Alco Blocker” contain the following components: Gotu Kola, Brahmi, Aloe Vera. They help people cope with addiction to alcohol. After treatment no more desire to drink. Very often the person does feel an aversion to alcohol; Thyme, Centaury, gamma-linoleic acid. Derive from the body toxins and harmful substances. Restore the normal functioning of the liver and other organs. Reviews of people say that drops perfectly eliminate the negative effects of alcoholism; Bluish Altai, Ghee, Motherwort. Normalize the nervous system, eliminate stress and improve sleep. These components are included in the medicines help a person to get out of the binge as painless as possible; Turmeric. Restores the normal functioning of internal organs. She also many times enhances the effect of other active substances included in the droplets.

Alco Blocker - Instructions for use

This medication to add to food or drinks. It will be enough just a few drops. Use it preferably two times a day, but in severe intoxication, depression, severe hangover, it is recommended to take the drops three times a day. The course of treatment is 30 days, but after two weeks there is a persistent aversion to alcohol, and thus no physical or psychological discomfort will not be. Attention! Treatment in any case can not be interrupted, otherwise the effect will be short-lived! Even if craving for alcohol has completely disappeared, and the condition is stabilized, you need to take the full course! In the package with the drug will be detailed instructions which you should carefully review.

How it works?

A serious plus in favor of choosing “Alco Blocker” is its ability to restore brain activity. The alcoholic is always observed deviant behaviour – especially apathy or, on the contrary, aggression, increased irritability. The drug is reliably relieves all such violations, a sedative, a cure for insomnia. All this is told in detail in “Alco Blocker”.


Alco Blocker
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