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Among the huge number of drugs, whose action is directed to the treatment of diseases of the joints, produced by modern pharmaceutical companies, not only occupies a leading position – a gel Artrotok. This is due to a short course of therapy, for which improvements are observed.


What ensures the effectiveness and complexity of the impact Artrotok on the body? By visiting our site, you can free watch online video about the product, detailing a truly unique and miraculous part of the "helper" for the joints. So, the main components of the tool are: collagen. An important component of connective, cartilage, responsible for elasticity of the skin. Restores damaged sustai and literally "returns" them to life. Glucosamine. "Builds" the joints along with the blood rapidly spreads throughout the body and regenerates damaged soft tissues. Jerusalem artichoke. Contains selenium, potassium, calcium, zinc, manganese. These substances literally "saturate" the spine and joints, improve their functionality. Chondroitin. Building material for cartilage, tendons, bone tissue. Calcium. Structural component of bones, teeth. Vitamin d Demonstrates anti-inflammatory effect, relieves pain and swelling, eliminates congestion. Not only useful for musculoskeletal system, but also for the skin

Artrotok - Instructions for use

Apply a small amount of gel on pre-washed in warm water the affected area; RUB the remedy into the skin until fully absorbed. In three days I will start to take the pain when moving in a week out the inflammation, begin to recover the damaged tissue, two weeks later, the pain disappears completely.

How it works?

Innovative product in gel form for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the connective and cartilaginous tissue, has directed and regenerative effect on the affected areas. Gel Artrotok for treatment of joints available in bottle of 50 ml volume dispenser, which simplifies its application and allows sparingly and dosed use of the medicinal product.


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