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Bactefort — a mixture of herbal extracts in the form of concentrated drops for internal use of intended for getting rid of intestinal parasites and consequences associated with their vital functions in the body. Has many useful properties: antimicrobial, laxative, detoxifying, improving digestion. To use drops Bactefort easy, does not require medical supervision and prescription, the drug can be used at home following the instructions on the package. Natural ingredients are harmless: this is confirmed by tests and certificates of quality.


Make need drops Bactefort of parasites according to the instructions. Though they are safe for the human body, to a maximum dosage not worth it. All of the properties and the positive characteristics of anti-parasitic drug due to its composition: 1. Tansy in the flowers. This plant contributes to the inhibition of parasitic organisms. Has choleretic properties, as well as prevents development of inflammatory processes. 2. Ginger. Normalizes the digestive system, weakened the influence of helminths. 3. Carnation. Excellent antiseptic, which helps to strengthen the immune system and protective functions. 4. Wormwood. Has antimicrobial and antiparasitic effect, and also starts the digestive process. 5. The concentrate of birch leaves. Has a diuretic effect, so from the body toxins, harmful component. Also is a natural antibiotic. 6. The leaves of the walnut tree. Does not allow the parasites to conduct its poisoning the body functioning. It normalizes acts of defecation and facilitates smooth removal of worms. 7. The extract of peppermint. Has a calming effect, normalizes all the processes in the gastrointestinal tract and prevents the development of inflammation.

Bactefort - Instructions for use

You need 150 ml. of warm water to dissolve 20 drops of concentrate. Use should be strictly on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning. Frequency of reception — 1 time per day, that is enough for an adult. In order to avoid overdose, follow the recommendations. The drug has all the quality certificates and applies to soft drinks..

How it works?

Effective action due to the fact that he begins to use all its necessary functions once ingested. There's composition breaks down into nutrients and vitamins, each of which performs its function. First, the affected microflora gets rid of worms, and then with the acceleration of some processes, they are easily and quickly begin to appear. And then already weakened and susceptible to viruses and infections the body is populated by beneficial bacteria. The result is a real cycle on health of all internal systems.


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