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Black Mask

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Black Mask – This is a super effective mask with activated charcoal, a novelty in the market of funds designed to deal with the problem, including oily skin and cleansing the face at home. Buy it makes sense to everyone who has problems in the form of acne and inflammation, especially since the price allows it. Natural composition and a successful combination of components with activated charcoal make the mask a real mast-heh of all who want to say goodbye to eels and eruptions forever, and literally to find a new face.


The structure of the cleansing mask for the face Black Mask includes the following active components: wheat sprouts. Start the regeneration process in the deep layers of the skin, tone up and tighten it. Promote the disappearance of wrinkles, smooth the surface of the face and deeply moisturize it. Perfectly soften the dermis, while giving it firmness. Bamboo charcoal. Efficiently cleans the skin, penetrating into the contaminated pores and removing them from all contaminants. Normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands, fights with black dots and all kinds of pimples. Grapefruit oil. Provides the person with a beautiful and fresh look, helps to eliminate pigmentation spots, has a tightening effect, is a kind of prevention against various rashes. Provitamin B5. Carries out gentle care for the dermis, relieves inflammation, irritation and heals small wounds.

Black Mask - Instructions for use

Carefully remove makeup using liquid, rinse face. The composition can be applied in the morning or evening, and, most importantly, do this on cleansed skin. Squeeze out a small part of the remedy from the tube and apply the compound to the problem areas where there are rashes. Often this is the nose, forehead and chin. To make the mask work more effectively, you can steam out the skin, moisten the cotton swabs in hot water and apply them to the face. Also a tonic for your skin type. Then wait 15-20 minutes until the composition dries, but do not blow it to speed up the process. Do not apply the compound on the area around the eyes or on the lips. After the film has dried, remove it by gently prying your fingers, the black mask of BlackMask is removed very easily. If the pieces of the film are left on the face - wash with cool water. After removing the composition, apply a nourishing cream on the face skin.

How it works?

The unique BlackMask mask is created with the help of innovative technologies, which allows all of its components to instantly enter the deep layers of the dermis, triggering in the cells the process of regeneration and rejuvenation. Also, pores are effectively cleared and narrowed, after which the black points on the face cease to appear.


Black Mask
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