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Cellfood Cream

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Cellfood Cream is a modern drug, the active action of which is aimed at the effective elimination of fungal infection of the legs and nail plates. The main proof of its qualitative impact is the huge amount of positive feedback from grateful patients.


Contraindications for this antifungal drug is almost none, because it is a natural product. The formula of the cream included plant extracts and products of animal origin, which successfully replaced dangerous antibiotics, act more gently, but at the same time reliably and effectively. These are the components: oil celandine - a reliable fight against cracks in dry skin, disinfects wounds, heals quickly and, does not allow the spread of infection, stops blood and gently cares for the skin until it is completely restored; beaver musk - softens the surface of the nail plates, contributing to better penetration of nutrient and restoring vitamins, stops the process of stratification of nails, restores their healthy color and texture; Melissa oil - itch very quickly defeats the itching, burning and other unpleasant symptoms of fungus and dermatosis; St. John's wort oil - restores proper blood circulation, kills microbes, cares for the skin and returns her well-groomed appearance and health. But there are no parabens or synthetic substances in the Cellfood Cream. The manufacturer deliberately departed from the chemical components, wishing to make the formula of the cream not only extremely effective, but also safe and affordable.

Cellfood Cream - Instructions for use

To use Cellfood Cream you need: Twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, every day. Before applying the cream, be sure to wash your feet with clean water, without soap and other detergents. Apply a small amount of cream to both affected areas and to healthy ones. Massaging movements rub the cream into the skin. Healing extracts are quickly absorbed and have the desired effect. Cellfood Cream forms a thin protective film on the skin, thus reducing the fungus, stopping its spread. Even at contact with water the preparation does not lose the medical properties.

How it works?

The remedy not only has a pleasant aroma, but also a very delicate effect on the skin. It immediately gives a feeling of light coolness, allows you to forget about the obsessive itching, relax and calm down. Legs start to breathe, dryness is eliminated, there is a feeling of complete comfort. The cream creates a thin protective membrane-film on the surface of the skin, and on the nail plates, which allows for a long time to preserve the effect. After using the compound, contact with water is allowed. Its protective properties do not weaken. In addition to external protection, the tool works in deep layers. So, active components quickly penetrate the skin, establish sweating, kill harmful bacteria and fungi, restore the proper level of skin hydration, contribute to the early regeneration of damaged areas. Each subsequent session of applying the cream will strengthen and enhance its positive effect, so the feedback on the application of Nomidol will be only grateful. Negative opinions about a cream can provoke only its or his incorrect application. It is important to understand that the fungus requires an indispensable long-term treatment, that is, the composition will have to be at least a week and a half, not once.


Cellfood Cream
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