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The cream Collamask — natural is a versatile tool that protects the skin from harmful effects of external factors and contribute to the revitalization of fading with age metabolic processes.


The cream Collamask presented only natural and safe ingredients, well selected manufacturers of components and special formula, which guarantees a perfect result. All components without exception are helpful and essential for the skin. So, the ingredients of the cream are: 1.Several types of amino acids – they rejuvenate the skin and stop the aging process. 2.Sodium alginat – is extracted from a special seaweed and allows you to flush toxins from the epidermis. 3.Collagen helps the skin become smooth, smoothing out wrinkles, engaged in the regeneration of damaged tissues. 4.Black clay – cleans skin pores, healthy refreshment. 5.The oil from palmarosa wins pathogenic bacteria, allows the cream to smell unforgettable. 6.Betaine – nourishes the skin with beneficial trace elements, which smooth out wrinkles and trap moisture.

Collamask - Instructions for use

Despite the fact that use of the drug is easy, the instruction on application of the wrinkle cream Collamask still need to read. Only correct use allows to achieve the desired effect. In the application are a few simple steps: 1.First the face is cleaned from possible face of makeup or any impurities. 2.The cream is squeezed from the package and applied (preferably the layer thicker). 3.Hold the tool approximately 20 minutes, and then rinse. Well after the procedure is to use a moisturizing cream that will only strengthen the results.

How it works?

The effectiveness of the cosmetic formulation due to the unique combination of ingredients in its composition, which allows to achieve excellent results even at home. The amino acid, regenerating the structure of the dermis collagen, nourishing vegetable oils, blue clay cleansing and moisturizing effect of sodium alginate has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin.


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