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DR Extenda

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DR Extenda is a tool used for hyperlipidemia symptoms of erectile dysfunction, in loss of libido, lack of interest in sex, impotence, and also in the appearance of fatigue and sleepiness with stress.


•The main ingredient is the extract of the leaves of the herb Damiana, even the Mayans used the herb as an aphrodisiac. Damiana is an excellent restorative after copulation, increases blood circulation in the genitals, which increases the time of sexual intercourse and slow down the ejaculation. Extract Damiana has a powerful anti-stress effect, which positively affects the health, keeps the normal balance of hormones, can be used as a and diuretic, disinfecting the urinary tract. •BOCKSHORNKLEE extract improves testosterone and helps to solve problems with potency, activates the libido, while eliminating problems with premature ejaculation. The plant extract enhances immune defenses, normalizes function of the digestive system and even prevents hair loss. •POMEGRANATE extract has a positive effect on the density of sperm-producing cells, and hence on the quality, the speed of the synthesis of testosterone. The extract of this plant contains antioxidants that help to get rid of erectile dysfunction, infertility, increase libido. Pomegranate normalizes blood pressure, concentration, memory. It also contains some substances that inhibit the deactivation of nitrogen, which affects the erection, contributes to the development of cellular messenger (cGMR), which straightens the smooth muscles, stimulates the formation of testosterone. •L-arginine positively affects the production of nitrogen, which reduces the tension of blood vessels, widening them and increasing blood flow, which ultimately improves erection and accelerates the movement of sperm. •MACA ROOT EXTRACT is an elixir from the South American root plant, known as the "Peruvian viagra". It enhances libido, improves potency, accelerates the sperm is a source of antioxidants boosts energy and endurance, uplifting. •MUIRA PUAMA EXTRAKT the extract of the root and herb of the power tree from the Amazon. This extract is used to treat erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, it contributes to long erections, emergence of sexual desire; relieves stress, tones the body, gives health.

DR Extenda - Instructions for use

This tool is available in tablet form. To get the desired result recommend receiving for a monthly rate of one tablet 20 minutes before Breakfast and another pill before dinner. Remedy washed down with water. The effect of taking funds visible for a long time.

How it works?

Contraindications to the use of the extract can be allergic to any of its ingredients. It is not recommended to take the drug for pregnant and lactating mothers.


DR Extenda
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