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The original box that plugs into the wall socket, and will not spoil the interior of your apartment. EKONOR included in any of your sockets in the house. No professional skills are required. The device is entirely safe. Besides, it will protect from short circuits in the wiring.
Original economical energy EKONOR makes it possible to reduce electricity bills by almost half. Minimum savings of thirty percent. In addition, it extends the life of computers, electric stoves, electric kettles and other devices that run on electricity.


Device EKONOR striking simplicity of its use. Suffice it only to plug in the network so that it was in the closest area to the counter. Then this device will completely cover the entire home network. The device starts working immediately after switching on, and the reliability of German quality, will bring results, and will pay off completely in a few months.

EKONOR - Instructions for use

Naturally, economical energy EKONOR is extremely useful especially at home. Even in a small city apartment with a modest square metres every day is spent just unfathomable for the mind and hard for a purse amount of energy. Judge for yourself: the light in the room, bathroom and toilet, TV, computer, kettle, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, small kitchen appliances, charge your phone, tablet or other gadgets. The list goes on depending on the preferences of a particular landlord. In the private house of energy is spent even more, here is one economical will not do. And, finally, offices. If you work in an office where a lot of equipment, nonet yet no one EKONOR, hurry over to contribute their proposals. Save on thirteenth salary at the end of the year only on electricity bills.

How it works?

Device economical of electricity will not only protect the house from surges and spikes in the network, but will also prevent up to half of the loss occurring in the wiring. He compensates (it absorbs or releases) a reactive component of the current, adjusting the operation of all devices. This reduces the load on electrical wiring, it is less heated.


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