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The drug Erogan has a complex effective effect on the whole reproductive system of men. Erogan increases arousal and ensures a long-lasting erection that will surprise your partner not only the quality but also the duration of sexual intercourse!


Advantage funds Erogan – the lack of any chemical components that could be harmful to the male body. Active ingredients potent are the following natural ingredients: Cornflower extract – boosts libido, increases sexual ability of men. Ginseng – natural energy, improves stamina, tones, has a positive effect on the nervous system. L-arginine hcl – a natural amino acid that stimulates blood flow in the genitals and, correspondingly, enhancing and prolonging erection. Extract Muira Puama has a tonic effect on the nervous system, activates the production of male hormones that are responsible for potency. Pine bark – natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Helps eliminate stagnant entities in the tissues and blood circulation and metabolic processes.

Erogan - Instructions for use

Instructions for use Erogan is quite simple: How to take drops: drops should be taken twice a day – morning and evening. How much to take pills: pill taken by one before eating. If the drug is taken for the prevention of violations of potency, you should take one tablet a day. The course of taking the capsules and drops lasts at least 4 weeks, during which regularly is to drink a remedy for potency. The positive effect will be noticeable around the second week (after improvement course to stop not worth it). And drops and pills Erogan cannot be taken in case of Allergy to any component of the drug. Other strict contraindications have not.

How it works?

The product consists of ingredients of natural origin, so the contraindications of the medication potency Erogan has virtually no. With the exception of minors age, individual intolerance to the components and pathology of the cardiovascular system in severe form. To find out how many tablets per day and in what form to take, consult your doctor.


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