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Fish XXL

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Fish XXL innovative activator, designed for fishing that works great and significantly increases the catch. It comes in a spray form (aerosol).


Fish XXL has the all-natural. Each component in the product has its purpose. 1. elephant garlic is attractive to bream, pike, and crucian carp; 2. hemp oil is the ingredient that actively go bream, CONV, bream, tench, roach; 3. Kaffir lime is a favorite flavor for carp, bream, roach, carp, tench; 4. protein squid attract catfish, perch, burbot, Rotanov. This is just a small list of varieties of fish population in reservoirs that come under the influence of the drug. In fact, the spray activator fish XXL almost not indifferent to any one individual. Therefore, if you decide to buy the activator biting fish XXL reviews which speak approving and among professionals, and among fans of fishing, then you will be a success for winter fishing. Your work and hours spent in the cold, bring a good catch and a good mood.

Fish XXL - Instructions for use

To concentrate began to act as expected, should comply with all the rules of the user. It is very simple and does not require any special training. Enough to shake the spray and spray directly on the bait. While you can use any option, even a simple piece of black bread. The strong aroma will kill all the other odors and will lure the fish even at a distance. The bait also can be treated with a spray, but it's not necessary. Dense concentrate will keep its properties for approximately three to four entering the water. After this layer should be updated. The delicious aroma of bait fish will remain even after the fisherman finishes fishing, so the place can be considered "successful" and remember for the next "hunting".

How it works?

The action of the spray Fish XXL based on the pheromones that allows you too not to overfeed the fish and at the same time to lure her to the place of fishing. Also thanks to them, she becomes greedy and can't pass by the nozzle. The consistency of the activator is very user friendly spray can be easily applied on silicone bait, dough or any other bait. It is completely universal and allows you to catch any fish. The main feature Fish XXL is a powerful impact on the sense of smell of fish. The active substances in the composition of the spray, affecting the mucous membranes and irritate the nerve endings, stimulating the bite and hold it in place. This technology allows you to catch much more fish.


Fish XXL
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