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FitoSpray — means, the main action of which is based on the reduction of hunger. Applying FitoSpray after eating, you can not only get rid of for a long time the desire to eat, and freshen breath. This effect is achieved thanks to its unique composition, which, in principle, very similar to the composition of the above-mentioned gum but has minor differences.


Goji berries — the so-called super food. The berries, which contain 18 amino acids (including irreplaceable), 21 minerals and 6 vitamins. Besides speeding up metabolism, Goji improves vision, normalizes blood pressure, increase libido and are natural energy. Green coffee. Contains lots of chlorogenic acid, which helps to improve metabolism, and to expel harmful free radicals from the body and thereby strengthen the immune system. Citric acid improves digestion, normalizes gastric environment and accelerates the excretion of toxic substances from the body. Extract of Garcinia. This Supplement contains most weight-loss drugs. Effectively reduces the feeling of hunger, accelerates lipolysis (breakdown of fat), suppresses sugar cravings that many people almost narcotic. Mango supplies the body with nutrients that allows without discomfort to endure a low-calorie diet L-Carnitine is a natural vitamin-like Supplement is an Energizer and fat burner is often a part of sports SUPPLEMENTS for weight loss. Acai berries — another "super", a storehouse of useful minerals and vitamins. Acai block fat, perform immunocorrective function, protect cell membranes from toxins.

FitoSpray - Instructions for use

Apply Fito Spray recommended for 15 minutes before the start of the meal (this is enough time for absorption components of the drug in the body) or after each main meal. If hunger visits you often can make the tool as necessary, to satisfy.

How it works?

Manufacturers FitoSpray guarantee a quick effect. No harm from its use, because any chemical additives, only natural ingredients. Pleasant to the taste, fragrant, the drug will provide a reduction in appetite. No special effort to fit do not have enough to irrigate the oral cavity to forget about hunger. As said by the producers, FitoSpray is a safe drug with no restrictions and contraindications. All because no synthetic components contains no in it and dyes, GMO foods. There is a certificate confirming the quality of the product.


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