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Silicone bra Fly Bra — made of high quality material and meets all quality standards. Presents two silicone cups that are fastened together with a comfortable corset. Inside of cups is an adhesive substance by which they attach securely to the body. The outer side of the bra invisible at least unique in its structure, but more remarkable for its shape and appearance, as it looks like the natural female breast.


In this model, there are a lot of competitive features which are its advantages among the similar models: 1.Neat Cup made of high-quality lycra, the fabric is soft to the touch and perfectly smooth to the touch. The cups have no seams, and this is another plus in favor of Fly Bra. 2.The inner surface of the cups is made of hypoallergenic silicone, which is in contact with the delicate skin of the breast does not cause irritation and is not "floating" the skin. 3.The lack of clasps and hooks make this underwear is comfortable, it does not create discomfort and does not harm delicate skin. 4.The perfect smoothness of the cups makes this bodice invisible under any clothes: white, tight, open.

Fly Bra - Instructions for use

Wearing a bra is recommended on a clean, degreased skin. In this case, the adhesive based bra provides the most intimate contact with the body. To put Fly Bra, you must: Remove the protective film from the cups and Alternately attach the cups to the Breasts; Lift the chest and lock its position by tightening the laces.

How it works?

Simple and comfortable bra "Fly Bra" — an easy to use, it allows you to create the perfect cleavage. You just need to loosen the corset, put the silicone cups on the chest and tighten the corset. For better fixation, we recommend that for a few seconds to press the cups with your hands. With bra — invisible Fly Bra, every woman will get rid of the straps and buckles, will forget about their complexes, will be able to wear your favorite dresses because the bra does not cause discomfort to the woman, but quite the contrary, brings joy and good mood.


Fly Bra
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