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Fresh Fingers

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Fresh Fingers is an innovation in the field of personal hygiene, anti-microbial, this deodorant is able to completely eliminate excessive sweating and the smell coming from the legs. Especially the spray will be useful in the summer time, it will completely eliminate the odor from the feet. Also the tool is active prevention of various fungal and bacterial diseases of the feet. Daily use of deodorant helps to eliminate hyperhidrosis and many other problems. Also spray keeps your skin in proper condition, so it will no longer crack, peel and burst.


Fresh Fingers consists entirely of natural components, the composition of the deodorant include: Natural aromatic concentrates (mask the bad odour); Various deodorizing components ( narrow pores, eliminate excessive activity of the sweat glands and narrow pores); The main component is tea tree oil which has antibacterial effect, improves metabolic processes and promotes the healing of minor wounds; Ordinary water ( clean water, without admixtures); The only allergen deodorant is tea tree oil. So the tool is perfect for Allergy sufferers, as the set of ingredients designed to minimize the possibility of allergic reaction. And if the legs, there are wounds of the large size, it is not necessary to use spray. In the event of causing can lead to undesirable irritation.

Fresh Fingers - Instructions for use

Before use it is necessary to carefully wash and dry feet. After these procedures, shake the bottle and evenly apply foot, while well treat the space between the fingers, since often there are clusters of harmful bacteria and fungi. Wait until the substance dries, and only then put on socks and shoes. To improve the efficiency of funds use it twice a day. Be sure to treat the feet twice a day in summer, because high temperature promotes active growth of bacteria on the feet.

How it works?

Unpleasant and persistent smell is produced in the result of the activity of bacteria that develop on the skin of the feet. Fresh Fingers stops the development of these bacteria, eliminating the main cause of the odor. When getting deodorant on human skin, make use of aromatic concentrates, therefore, immediately after the application of the tool shows its effects. To achieve a good result, you need to regularly use a tool, then a colony of harmful bacteria simply won't appear on your feet. Also the tool gets in the pores and slows down perspiration, which contributes to a more persistent effect. Fresh Fingers is a great tool for removing unpleasant odors. The product is completely natural, and very effective, so is one of the best personal hygiene. By using this deodorant, you can protect yourself from unpleasant bacterial diseases and to preserve the purity of the feet for the whole day.


Fresh Fingers
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