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Economical fuel FuelFree is a magnet made of two halves, which affects vehicle fuel in such a way that causes the motor to work more efficiently: fuel consumption reduced by 10-20%, increases power, reduces engine wear. All necessary tests, confirming that these specifications have passed the quality certificate is obtained and confirmation of product safety. Used economical FuelFree can on any cars and motorcycles, including used in agricultural work.


The main active force of economies fuel FuelFree are consisting of two parts (halves) neodymium magnet (alloy of neodymium, iron and boron). Neodymium NdFeB can be called the material of the 21st century, which has extremely high magnetic properties.

FuelFree - Instructions for use

To install this device simple. You need to mount it on the fuel hose. In the box with the device there is a guide that will help you to do this.

How it works?

The Foundation of any fuel is a hydrocarbon. Its molecules under the influence of temperature fluctuations attracted to each other, creating molecular groups (clusters). These "clusters" are so dense that not broken down by oxygen and does not burn. But if you set FuelFree magnetic device that generates a magnetic resonance frequency, it is possible to scatter into separate molecules formed a group and a positively charge them. This "work" FuelFree contributes to the combustion of the fuel mixture as a whole, reduces harmful emissions, reduces oil and fuel consumption. Work item fuel economies FuelFree - magnet based on NdFeB (neodymium), consisting of two parts (halves). When the fuel mixture passes through its magnetic field, then there is a decomposition of a hydrocarbon chain into smaller components. Besides, they become more active. So this device works - FuelFree. .


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