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FulFix is a unique serum for hair treatment and care. Natural complex of herbal ingredients, amino acid groups and vitamin supplements were brought to perfection in his powerful action after 20 years of research work. Damaged structure, dullness, hair loss, gray hair, the tendency to tangling of the hair? Never heard of it. With FulFix hair is always healthy, lush and radiant.


All the serum components are 100% natural origin: Gotu Kola (tiger grass). A very popular medicinal plant in Ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medical practice. On the planet grows only in a few places. "Magical" properties, the plant has an obligation to the whole complex of vitamins A, b, C, and high content of magnesium. When applied to the hair enhanced cellular and follicular blood flow, are inflammation in the follicles (one of the main causes of alopecia), accelerated collagen production. Heh Shou Wu. A rare plant from China, known only as "the winner of all ailments". Rich in antioxidants and healing properties. Stimulates hair growth and eliminates the symptoms of the disease, leading to loss of hair. Saw Palmetto. It is used to heal the sick with traditional methods, which have already been rejected by official medicine. The berries of the plant in the treatment of scalp used to prevent the loss of hair and death of hair follicles. Extract blocks the conversion of testosterone to aggressive hormone DHT that causes thinning hair and hair loss. Magnesium. Mineral relieves inflammation, stimulates growth, promotes rapid regeneration of skin cells and hair. Ginseng Siberian. The ancient healing medicine of the East, including Russia and China. Stimulates the growth of dormant hair follicles, regenerates on a cellular level the structure of the skin and hair. Ginkgo biloba. Unique Maidenhair tree, is one of the few surviving from the prehistoric era (270 million years). The plant is rich in vitamins E and A – the most important additives for food, preserve the thickness and health of hair. Stinging nettle. The source of a huge number of useful hair elements (potassium, silicon, magnesium, iron, chlorophyll, vitamins A and E). Prevents baldness and leads to overall improvement. Linoleic acid (grape seed extract). The oil from grape seeds is rich in high content of linoleic acid (a fatty acid substitute omega-6). Prevents dryness, keeps the skin moisture, accelerates growth and normalizes the hormonal balance. Keratin. Protein obtained by hydrolysis is considered to be one of the strongest in nature. The most important component in the structure of the hair. Its use on wet hair restores and nourishes, gives Shine, smoothness, thickness.

FulFix - Instructions for use

FulFix serum in the form of a spray, is applied to the hair immediately after washing it by clicking on the sprayer and spraying the entire area of the scalp (7-10 strokes). Does not require rinsing.

How it works?

The tool meets all of the cosmetology standards and passed strict quality control. Prevents hair loss. Stimulates the functions of growth. Helps to restore the structure. Holds the pigment (slows the appearance of gray hair). Does not contain artificial additives (dyes, fillers, preservatives, etc.).


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