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Cream Fungalor special fungus cream on feet
Fungalor is hypoallergenic, biological product designed to eliminate fungus on the nails of the feet. It is composed of various substances necessary for the reconstruction of destroyed nails, and supply the skin on the feet. Does not contain harmful substances, is a natural and safe drug.


• Emulsion wax with cream leaves no residue and absorbs quickly. • Glycerin – makes the skin more velvety, promotes formation of a protective film that protects the skin from infection, refreshes the skin and as a consequence disappears skin peeling and other unpleasant symptoms of the fungus. • Peppermint oil – a great antiseptic, promotes healing of small wounds and gives a fresh skin on the feet. • Arsenal – prevents infectious processes, renews and heals skin cells. • Lanolin – hinders the penetration of harmful microorganisms into the skin. • Methylparaben – disinfects, and at the same time is antiseptic, helps to eliminate unpleasant odors. • Climbazole protects against infection, prevents itching, removes redness of the skin. • Essential oils – consist of natural ingredients, eliminate the pathological processes in the skin, accelerate cell regeneration, restore metabolism, prevent the development of new lesions by the fungus. • Vitamins (vitamin E) – helps accelerate blood circulation makes the skin more elastic, eliminates cracks, saturates the tissues with necessary substances that do not fade the dermis. The drug is very carefully studied, and the result showed that it can be used to cure nail fungus even at a very advanced stage. Components that do not exist, as that can affect human health.

Fungalor - Instructions for use

To use this cream should wash the feet with warm water and dry foot apply the cream fungalor, rubbing it into the entire surface of the foot (including the heels, nails and toes) need to RUB until completely absorbed cream. Apply the cream every day before bed, so that the treatment took place in the most favorable environment, as in the body aktiviziruyutsya regenerative processes and increases the regeneration of the skin and nails. If the disease has progressed very far, it is possible to RUB the cream not only before sleep but also early in the morning – this will help to accelerate the cure of the disease. To cream Fungalor really helped you need to apply it for as long as the nails on the feet will not be restored and the fungus is completely gone. Spotted! After the first application of the ointment leave unpleasant sensations such as itching, burning sensation and discomfort.

How it works?

The principle of operation is as follows: when applied to the skin, all active elements ointments, actively respond to bacteria contained in the foot fungus, neutralize and destroy them. Then penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and eliminate the causes of the disease. Thus, the cream Fungalor is useful and indispensable in the treatment of such serious diseases such as fungus on the feet.


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