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GO2 Antitox

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GO2 Antitox is a special syrup, designed to overcome the effects of active Smoking. Helps to get rid of the cough that occurs after inhaling a cigarette, shortness of breath and other disorders of the respiratory functions.


High efficiency, which differs GO2 Antitox, due to natural composition of the drug. Formula of syrup based on natural ingredients, selected in such a way to softly and quickly to clean the lungs from nicotine and tar. The drug has a complex effect on the body due to the activity of the following ingredients: Pine shoots. This component is one of the most effective substances that quickly cleansing the lungs. In addition to the compounds included in the composition of shoots of pine, stop the inflammatory processes that occur in the body. Thyme. Often used in the treatment of pathologies affecting the organs of breathing. The composition of thyme include thymol, a substance which is a good antiseptic. Vitamin C and copper. Both components strengthen the immune system and prevent negative effects on the body of toxins being released with the smoke from the cigarettes. Eucalyptus. Helps accelerate the cleansing of the lungs. Eucalyptus enhances the action exerted by the pine shoots. The concentration of substances in the composition GO2 Antitox, selected in such a way that their actions do not overlap each other. Syrup after a few applications removes from the body toxins. Along the way, strengthens the immune system, thereby reducing the likelihood of developing diseases of the respiratory system.

GO2 Antitox - Instructions for use

According to the instructions for use for times you need to consume no more than 10 ml GO2 Antitox. In such doses, the tool will not affect the work of the gastrointestinal tract. The drug is taken 3 times daily before meals. The first effect of GO2 Antitox becomes visible immediately. Toxins and harmful substances are completely eliminated from the body within three weeks if the syrup is taken regularly.

How it works?

GO2 Antitox shows heavy smokers and persons who occasionally inhale tobacco smoke. After each inhalation into the lungs penetrates the nicotine and multiple resins, which degrade the condition of the body and cause dysfunction of the respiratory system. These substances penetrate into the tissues and firmly deposited in them. Exposure to toxic resins first cause of shortness of breath, and then cough. In the cases of the substances provoke the development of cancer of the respiratory organs and nasopharynx. Such consequences come even to those people who for several years have not touched cigarettes. Due to its natural ingredients GO2 Antitox can be taken not only for cleaning the lungs, but also for prevention of various diseases. The remedy is not addictive and allergies.


GO2 Antitox
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