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Hammer of Thor

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“Hammer of Thor” – is a completely natural product which is not a chemical medicine, and created from natural gifts. Recipe these drops were tested on many occasions and each time has improved. It is based used the knowledge of the ancient Vikings. As you know, they were particularly masculine power and it is very treasured. As it turned out, these fearless warriors were their secrets of maintaining a sexy shape – they ate the special ingredients. Among them, extraction from the coastal inhabitants – invertebrates of litorina, North moss and some special natural gifts, which stimulate the male organ and keep the potency.


You must first thoroughly understand what is the secret of this means for the components, and what components help to achieve excellent results at any age? Extract of invertebrates, riparian mammals. This component helps to improve production of testosterone. Hood moss North. Restores blood circulation in the genital organs and helps to normalize blood pressure. The liver of marine fish helps the lack of adequate quantities of zinc in the body men, which in turn positively affects the production of testosterone. Extract from krill, which grows in the Antarctic. It regulates the body's male hormones and helps to absorb vitamins A, E and group B. This well-balanced formula is conrmed by different studies. Drop the “Hammer of Thor” perfectly regulate the metabolic processes in the male body, which in turn helps to normalize the production of required amount of testosterone. The result of their application can be seen immediately.

Hammer of Thor - Instructions for use

Before to tell about dosages drug note that patients in most cases prefer “Hammer of Thor” drop of other funds in the form of tablets or capsules. This is due to the fact that the drops are quickly absorbed and easily excreted by the body, so the effect of their admission comes almost instantly. The optimal dosage of the product is four to five drops per day. The minimum rate of admission three weeks: this amount of drug the patient has enough to cope with the problems in the sexual sphere of life. For the treatment of chronic manifestations of erectile dysfunction doctors recommended to use drops rate: three times in two weeks. After each meal you should take a break of a few days. In the case of a one-time admission you can see the effect already after 20-30 minutes. The drug is not addictive. Allowed the combination of droplets with fatty foods and alcoholic beverages.

How it works?

The essence drops “Hammer of Thor” is to enhance the blood flow in the pelvic area of the patient. The remedy is rapidly absorbed by the body and is starting to effectively increase the male libido. The representative of the strong half feels a surge of desire, affection, excitement. He lifted the spirits and mood, increases muscle tone, strength and energy


Hammer of Thor
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