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A unique remedy for joint pain Hondrocream, is a cream, which has a number of useful therapeutic properties. To date, this drug is indispensable in the treatment of joint pain, muscle spasms, sprains and other unpleasant symptoms. This tool should be in every medicine Cabinet.


Nearly every ointment has a warming red pepper. It is also worth noting that it contains and patches, which remarkably increases blood circulation in the muscle fibers. This is a very important moment, as the blood moves through the vessels and capillaries carries in its structure a huge amount of nutritional properties. However, one the red pepper for the treatment of muscle spasms and joint pain is not enough, it requires more substantial treatment. That is why the cream Hondrocream include components such as menthol, camphor and turpentine. These elements in cumulative effects with red pepper to keep the balance of heating and cooling an injured area of the body. Relieving muscle spasm, improves blood flow and has a charitable impact on the joints. Also, the structure of the ointment includes ingredients such as eucalyptus and fir oil, and soybean oil, which in turn have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. These substances act soothingly improving the immune system. Present in the cream, mint extract and chestnut tone up the skin, thereby relieving swelling and improving circulation.

Hondrocream - Instructions for use

Instructions for use of the drug indicated on the packaging of the original product, which in turn has a corresponding certificate. The ointment is applied as follows: A small amount applied to clean and dry skin. The cream is rubbed in until completely absorbed. It is not recommended to wash off the cream within 20-30 minutes after topical use. Cream for sore joints it is advisable to use two times a day, and more.

How it works?

According to the manufacturer, the cream works from the first second of application. You should feel immediate improvement after using the cream. However, one should not take the drug mindlessly, it is recommended to consult a doctor for possible onset of pain. Don't worry, if the scope of application of the ointment will burn, this is a normal effect. Also the doctor may prescribe additional stronger medications which in conjunction with the cream Hondrocream, will bring more effective result and for all will relieve you from the pain in muscles and joints. This drug is a popular drug for the prevention of treatment of diseases of the joints.


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