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Maca Powder

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Maca Powder is a plant, the magic properties of which humanity learned a few centuries ago. It grows in the Peruvian Andes at an altitude of more than 4 thousand meters above sea level. It is noteworthy that such a rich in useful substances culture grows in the soil, where nutrient microelements are practically absent. It’s amazing where the storehouse of vitamins contained in Maca Powder came from, but the fact remains: it is truly a unique plant, the rhizome of which the local population has been actively using for health purposes for millennia.


Modern scientists have long been interested in the composition of the plant. After all, Maca Powder has been used for many centuries, and what is the basis for its impact is unknown. It turned out that it is rich in the following compounds and microelements: amides of fatty acids, which increase potency; alkaloids, affecting the nervous system and thereby stimulating the work of the genitourinary system; Thiocyanates and glycosinolates, which possess an antitumor effect; calcium and iron, which help the nervous system, impulses, and also participate in the synthesis and operation of certain hormones.

Maca Powder - Instructions for use

How to take the remedy correctly, is written on the loose leaf. The first days of the drug drink in the minimum dose, which is 4-5 g, which corresponds to the volume of one teaspoon. During this time you need to monitor your health. If everything is normal, then gradually the dose can be increased to 12-15 g per day (the volume of 3 teaspoons), which need to be divided into several receptions. According to the instructions Peruvian poppy can be added to any food and drink, but the temperature should not be more than 40 degrees. Otherwise, the tool will lose all its useful properties.

How it works?

After numerous studies, the scientists concluded that Maca Powder has several very tangible useful properties: Stimulation of sexual function. The plant is a powerful aphrodisiac, so taking the drug increases libido (sexual desire) and contributes to a powerful erection. In addition, the work of the prostate gland improves, there is a reduction in the pause between sexual acts. Also, the agent stimulates the activity of spermatozoa, thereby improving the quality of sperm. Therefore, MacaPowder from Peru for men is effective for various sexual dysfunctions, including oligospermia and asthenozospermia, which are the main causes of male infertility. Antitumor effect. Substances that contain all the plants of the Cruciferae family, including Meyen's bug, bind carcinogens and toxins in the liver. Thus, they have an antitumor effect, especially with respect to the prostate gland, preventing the development of prostate adenoma. Toning effect. It manifests itself in increasing stress tolerance, endurance, increasing vital energy, improving memory. All this is absolutely necessary right now, when the modern rhythm of life demands full return. Therefore Peruvian poppy can be used as a tonic in the fight against chronic fatigue syndrome, which can also cause erectile dysfunction. Normalization of the genitourinary system. With regular intake of the drug, the manifestation of dysuric symptoms (pain and frequent urge to urinate) is reduced, which is always accompanied by prostatitis.


Maca Powder
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