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MachoMan – spray affecting the extension of each sexual intercourse and receive lasting pleasure from sex with a sex partner.
Aerosol MachoMan works perfectly and helps any representative of the stronger sex to feel like a true macho in bed, regardless of year of birth, ability to initiate and other factors. From now on, every subsequent sexual act becomes more stunning the previous, and sex partners provided bliss in every moment of an intimate relationship.


Alanine — boosts male body that allows for better endurance in bed. Arginine slightly reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings, which increases time of sexual intercourse. Betaine — relaxing the tone of blood vessels and increases blood flow, improving erection. Not addictive. Glycerin — improves blood circulation, strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Caffeine is a natural tonic. Gives more activity. Lysine is a substance allows us to achieve a small increase in the penis due to mild irritation of the tissues.

MachoMan - Instructions for use

Before using aerosol MachoMan should carefully review contained paragraphs of instructions. They are set out in detail in the available description, so use of the drug is very simple. Ideally, the spray looks like this: 1. Slowly need to open the box to spray, open the lid, keeping the drug at a safe distance from the eyes. 2. To disperse the spray onto the surface of the penis and the surrounding intimate area. 3. To wait a period of time during which the aerosol will be absorbed by the skin. After 10-15 minutes, you can begin a sexual relationship with a condom and without it.

How it works?

To know how does MachoMan, – the natural desire of consumers. And fulfills the drug is a truly unique work: 1. It enhances intimate desire because of increased blood flow in the genital area. 2. The penis after applying it to aerosol can operate in the specified mode, giving the man a determination, and freedom. 3. Spray aerosol on the sexual organ prior to intercourse is achieved by the extension of sexual intercourse. 4. Enhanced quality of sex, guarantee of unmatched sexual satisfaction for both parties.


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