Mangosteen Sirup

Mangosteen Sirup

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“Mangosteen Sirup” is a biological product based on the mangosteen fruit for the correction 10-15 kg without harm to health. Experts call it a storehouse of vitamins A, E, B6, B12, C, xanthones, flavonoids and amino acids! In Thailand, it grows Mangosteen, it is believed that in ancient times was called God’s fruit, as they are able to cure many diseases. In Asian countries it is used to manufacture medicines for the treatment of the digestive tract, cardiovascular system, potent immunomodulators and activator of metabolism against all stages of obesity.


About the incredible benefits of mangosteen East of the country knew a hundred years ago and actively used in folk medicine. In the composition of the fruit concentrated unique number of elements necessary for toning the entire body. In the composition of the fat burner does not contain GMOs, dyes and fragrances. 1.Antioxidants – vitamins E and C. Neutralize free radicals, remove toxins from the body, stimulating the early aging of the body and impair the flow of metabolic processes. 2.The xanthones. Useful properties of these chemicals were discovered by scientists in recent times. Increase mental and physical activity, help to lose weight without harm for health. 3.B vitamins and phosphorus. Has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, helping to normalize intestinal flora and to treat diarrhea.

Mangosteen Sirup - Instructions for use

Add 1/2 teaspoon “Mangosteen Sirup” in 100 ml of purified water or natural juice, also available in plain yogurt. Be sure to drink beverage 2 times daily, additional for the throat when urge to make a snack.The feeling of hunger goes away within half an hour, and satiety felt at least two hours.

How it works?

1,.Fat burning effect. Mangosteen has antioxidants and other beneficial elements, normalizing metabolic processes in the body. Thus, you become slimmer and younger. 2.Getting rid of wrinkles. The fruit is a record of xanthones useful content — more than 40! This natural antioxidants that prevent early aging of the organism. 3.Natural vitamin composition. A large number of vitamins and micro - and macro-saturate the body and have obsecration action. 4.Reduces appetite. It's not cheating! Ask any Thai about this property agnostina, and he will confirm our words. If you drink the syrup in the morning, then certainly you will not require a snack before lunch. Also reduced cravings for fatty foods.


Mangosteen Sirup
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