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MaxiSize – guaranteed to make a member more by 5 cm per month, and this is not the limit. A cream that does not cause any side effect, does not give an allergic reaction, and also does not contribute to addiction. But the most important thing is that the results you could achieve remain with you forever.


MaxiSize contains the following components: Hydrolyzate of proteins and amino acids, which provide division and recovery of the cells of the organ. Triethanolamine increases the duration of sexual intercourse, which is especially important for people suffering from premature ejaculation. Elastin and collagen complex contribute to a soft, delicate and painless stretching of the tissues and skin of the penis. Such a balanced natural composition Maxisize guarantees the safety of its use, the absence of addiction. But the main advantage of MaxiSize is that the result remains after using the tool. The same is confirmed by the video, which provides feedback from men who have tried MaxiSize (cream) on themselves.

Maxisize - Instructions for use

Lubricate this cream with light massage movements already an excited sexual organ. After such a massage with MaxiSize, you are guaranteed to add 5 cm to the length of the penis. To achieve the optimum effect, use cream for half an hour before the sexual intercourse, which will be an additional stimulation of penis enlargement both in length and in volume.

How it works?

For the size of the genital organ is responsible spongy body with cavernous bodies, surrounded by the urethra and the head of the penis. At this point, a porous structure, so that it can fill and retain the infusing blood. Hence it can be concluded that the size of the penis depends on the size of the porous tissue, completely consisting of blood, i.e. from the maximum volume of blood placed in the tissue during erection.


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