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“Motion Free” — scientists developed an innovative new generation product that combines the best scientific advances of recent years. Natural remedy successfully overcomes the pain in the joints, arthritis, arthrosis, returns the joy of free movement and active life.


In cream “Motion Free” includes the following natural ingredients: 1.Bee poison. It helps eliminate spasms in the muscles, and also helps to improve blood circulation. 2.The propolis. With the help of the resorption of blood clots. In addition, it promotes tissue healing, pain relief. 3.Extract of bee moth. It increases the tonus and elasticity of the venous wall. In addition, it helps to improve the viscosity of synovial fluid and to facilitate sliding of the joints. 4.Olive oil. It contains a huge variety of vitamins. In addition, it improves metabolism and is absorbed by the tissues of the body. 5.Extract of bee Podmore. It helps to get rid of the pain and stop the spread of inflammation. 6.Pine oleoresin. It helps to relieve inflammation, restore and strengthen blood vessels. 7.Beeswax. He has a hemostatic and regenerating effect. 8.Vitamins. They have an overall positive effect on the entire body, and also help to strengthen the venous wall. In addition they improve the skin's regeneration process.

Motion Free - Instructions for use

Apply the preparation required on the area of the affected joints, squeezing a small amount from the tube onto your palm. It takes few minutes to RUB a means to amplify its effect. It is recommended to repeat at least 3 times a day.

How it works?

Cream for joints “Motion Free” has the following positive effects: swelling and joint pain; normalizes metabolism; eliminates excess of salt deposits; has a restoring effect on joint tissues.


Motion Free
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