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“Nomidol” is a cream from a fungus. It can be smeared both on the skin and on the nails. Regardless of the type of disease, the remedy will cure you for only 1 course, which lasts 1 month. The main mechanism of action, according to producers, is to “stop” the fungal spores. As a consequence, the causative agent of a fungal infection loses the ability to multiply.


The original cream from Nomidol fungus has a patented composition. To develop it, a group of scientists took several years. As a result of painstaking work, they managed to create an innovative remedy capable of destroying the fungus in the body. Native musk beaver extract Has a wide spectrum of action. Can penetrate deeply into the affected tissue. In the composition of the ointment, this component is responsible for softening the cornea of ​​the nail, and the delivery of the active components to the foci of the fungal lesion. Oily extract of celandine. Relieves pain. Clears the blood and disinfects the affected area, stops bleeding and speeds up wound healing processes. Oil extract of St. John's wort Favorably affects the circulatory system, strengthens the vascular walls, prevents the occurrence of varicose veins and eliminates its manifestations. It has antibacterial action, and also provides fast recovery of damaged skin areas. Melissa oil Helps to get rid of discomfort and burning sensation. Eliminates dermatoses and irritations on the skin.

Nomidol - Instructions for use

Use Nomidol Ointment is very easy. Tube can be taken with you on trips and business trips. For a long-term therapeutic effect, use Nomidol follows this pattern: a small amount of the drug to apply to the affected areas of myopia foot or nails; rub the cream with gentle massage movements; Apply Nomidol daily before bedtime for 30 days.

How it works?

The active components of the drug penetrate into the affected area and destroy the spores of the fungus. After this, the disease can not develop, and gradually fades. Nomidol has such unique properties: Eliminates all known types of fungi that affect the skin of a person, and also cures their external manifestations. Gives a feeling of comfort while driving. After using the cream, itching, burning and peeling disappear. It localizes inflammatory processes on the skin of the legs. Reduces perspiration and eliminates unpleasant odors. Promotes inhibition of destructive processes in nail plates.


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