Penilux Gel

Penilux Gel

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“Penilux Gel” is a great solution for delicate men’s problems. Modest size of penis can now be changed in just a few weeks on an impressive dignity. Quite regularly you can use this tool to penis increased substantially not only in length but also diameter. Today satisfied women and men leave their feedback on “Penilux Gel”, noting the high effectiveness of the drug.


“Penilux Gel” consists of natural ingredients, its formula is carefully balanced and highly active. Key extracts of the drug: 1.Horse chestnut – improves blood filling of veins to a rapid and sustained erection. 2.Ginseng – enhances libido and increases, dilates blood vessels, increases endurance. 3.Ginger root – natural aphrodisiac, stimulates sexual desire, regulates the level of testosterone, strengthens the potency. 4.Peruvian Maca improves blood circulation in the pelvic area. Oyster and seahorse – contribute to the growth of the penis

Penilux Gel - Instructions for use

“Penilux Gel” you need to use regularly throughout the month. In day it is possible to carry out one procedure. RUB the tool needs to washed, the member erect. Gently spread the medication and RUB it for 15 minutes. As stated by the manufacturer, the gel can be used also as intimate lubricant. Before the procedure it is important to learn detailed instructions on the package.

How it works?

Unique men “Penilux Gel” is an intimate gel that is comprehensive and designed to stand erections, penis enlargement and a bright, powerful orgasms. Sex with the use of special lubricant is more long lasting, bright and enchanting. Means in a convenient tube, has a nice gel consistency and is spent economically.


Penilux Gel
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