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PowerUp Premium is an innovative product designed specifically for athletes. It improves the functioning of the body, accelerating the process of assimilation of food and contributing to the increase in muscle mass. Concentrate increases the effectiveness of exercise.


The composition of the drug is matched to the needs of the human body. Concentrate includes: amino acids; natural tonic substances; minerals and vitamins. These substances the body receives from food. PowerUp Premium improves the efficiency of food consumption. As a result, muscle growth accelerates due to the fact that the substances that make up the concentrate transfer almost every calorie to the mass. To achieve maximum effect, you should regularly consume PowerUp Premium and exercise. The concentrate is based on the following ingredients: Cocoa. It consists of amino acids that repair muscle fibers. Also, cocoa has a tonic effect on the body, replenishing energy reserves. Wheat bran. They are a natural source of organic protein. Buckwheat. It includes many vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins necessary for the body. From buckwheat you can get zinc and iron. Algae Spirulina. This component contributes to the rapid growth of muscle tissue due to the carbohydrates contained in it, proteins, vitamins. Peas. Eliminates deficiency of protein, on which muscle growth depends. Brown rice. It is considered to be an indispensable food product. It consists of many carbohydrates, proteins, unsaturated fats, minerals and vitamins.

PowerUp Premium - Instructions for use

PowerUp Premium is recommended to be consumed every day. The maximum effect is achieved if you add a teaspoon of the drug to the protein cocktail that the athlete takes after training. In days without physical exertion, concentrate should be taken after a warm-up.

How it works?

The components that make up PowerUp Premium are characterized by prolonged action, the effect of which persists throughout the day. Concentrate has an effect on the whole organism. Using PowerUp Premium allows you to achieve several results at once: Restore the energy reserve. The drug tones up the person, allowing him to remain active throughout the day. PowerUp Premium increases the effectiveness of training. Due to the regular use of concentrate, the daily tasks are accelerated. Achieve the most effective assimilation of food. Presence of amino acids and other important microelements in PowerUp Premium contributes to the restoration of metabolic processes and digestive organs. Regardless of what products are included in the daily diet, the drug will provide a set of muscle mass.


PowerUp Premium
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