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Princess Hair

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Princess Hair is a hair mask, which contains substances of plant origin.It strengthens the roots , accelerates hair growth, and slows down the process of the emergence of gray hair.Applying this mask it is possible to achieve the natural beauty of the strands.


Princess Hair is a combination of herbal and natural components which are perfectly interact with each other, protecting the hair and scalp. The complex mask contains: The sea buckthorn oil.This component provides a comprehensive influence. It performs the recovery function of the hair, damaged by external impact.More sea-buckthorn can disinfect the germs,suppress the disturbance of the skin of the head. Centella asiatica extract.Increases the blood circulation in the scalp, removes empty radicals and as a result the gray hair. Extract from the root of Polygonum multiflorum.The most common natural component that helps to eliminate graying and hair breakage.This component of the mask improves the structure of the curls besides gives them a rapid growth . The Shea butter. Protects outer strands from the harmful action of the thermal and chemical nature.Straightens hair, struggling with their fragility and section.Also Shea butter moisturizes curls. Avocado. Creates favorable conditions for deep penetration of nutrients into the hair structure.Forms a protective film, making hair strong and sparkling. Protein complex. In the structure of hair contains a protein fiber. The hair is subjected to a constant load of harmful substances .As a result, the curls lose moisture and healthy appearance. Protein complex contained in the mask, makes hair lively, shiny and smooth. The vitamin complex.Vitamins a, D, E, F that are contained in the mask, awaken dormant follicles and nourishes the scalp.Also this vitamin complex fights oily hair and dandruff.

Princess Hair - Instructions for use

The mask spread on washed hair and evenly distribute . Hold for 5-7 minutes, hair is rinsed.The course of treatment of 8 weeks, 2-3 times a week.

How it works?

Currently, there are a sufficient number of harmful impacts on walsy.Weak structure and hair loss the result of such influences. In this regard, trichologists in many countries are trying to create the most effective remedy for regeneration of hair.The benefits here receive funds on a natural basis. Actually this is the mask Princess Hair that fits any age category of women with different structures of hair. Basic steps: Working together Restores the hair structure Adds Shine and increases volume Protects from ultraviolet radiation and other adverse effects Reduces breakage and cross-section of tips Increases blood flow of the epidermis of the head Get rid of dandruff , accelerates hair growth Improvement is already noticeable after the first use.This is confirmed by women of their opinions and discussions.


Princess Hair
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