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Psoridex is cream-wax from psoriasis. This tool eliminates the rash on any part of the body just 1 the rate of application. Psoridex endowed with superior efficiency due to unique natural components of the composition. In conjunction with the reception of the same name drops treatment cream provides deep and long-term results of remission.


The disease occurs in a natural way as natural ingredients of the cream have unique healing properties: Cordyceps – rich in natural co-enzyme Q-10, which activates the regeneration of cells. Contains beta-carotene, which accelerates the healing of scaly rash. Phospholipids contribute to the regeneration of tissues. Goji berries – rich in vitamins, amino acids, polysaccharides, minerals. Enhance immunity, prevent cell mutation and pathology in DNA and normalize the lipid layer of the dermis. Beaver fat, propolis, pumpkin seed oil, olive oil to restore the PH of the epidermis, have a softening effect on dry and coarse skin, increase density, provide protection from negative impact of various factors. Beeswax, propolis, bee moth, dead bees is saturated with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, relieve inflammation, improve the immune system. Horse chestnut, pine oleoresin – eliminate inflammation, have a healing effect. Extract of Artemia and pollen – improves the immune system, help to get rid of worrying feelings, contribute to tidal forces and to improve mood.

Psoridex - Instructions for use

Cream Psoridex manual recommends treating damaged areas of skin twice a day, morning and evening. Drops that you can receive a gift during the campaign, should be taken by dissolving 10 drops in a little water 2 times a day.

How it works?

Cream wax designed in 2016. It is based on part of the innovative medical advances. The intelligent formula can detect affected cells to exfoliate dead skin, restore the epidermis at the site of damage. Such an intelligent substance is completely combined with the skin cells, embedded even in the deepest layers, building a new Foundation for healthy tissues.


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