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Psorimilk cream is a cosmetic product intended for the treatment of psoriasis and many other skin diseases. This product contains in its formula only natural ingredients that allows its use in case of hypersensitivity of the skin for a set rate. It instantly eliminates the symptoms, improve appearance of the skin and helps extend periods of remission.


Particularly important is the composition Psorimilk, as it presents the ingredients that have a natural origin. Manufacturers picked the particular combination of components, thanks to which the effect is not just fast, but very stable. Already the first application lead to noticeable improvements. In the case of continuous use of this cream, the patient cease to torment itching, irritation with the skin surface of psoriatic plaques disappear. The basis of this drug – medicinal plants that grow in the national Park kiukiang (South Korea). It is quite versatile components and some of them ought to tell separately: 1.Nelumbo nucifera – provides the output of harmful toxins, clears rash, irritation, soothes and strengthens the skin. 2.Japanese honeysuckle – treats inflammation, produces disinfecting action. 3.Burdock – has a beneficial effect on the health of the skin, relieves itching and eliminates harmful substances. 4.Anemarrhena asphodeloides – reduces inflammation. 5.Forsythia hanging – positively affects the processes of blood circulation. 6.Centella asiatica – has antioxidant properties, pain medication, enriches the skin with important trace elements, stimulate the blood currents. 7.Propolis psyllium – restores damaged areas and heals. 8.Shea butter – moisturizes and soothes, normalizes metabolism and helps to improve skin color. 9.Celandine – has antibacterial properties, fights inflammation.

Psorimilk - Instructions for use

The buyer should proceed in the following way: 1.To clean the skin from dirt, cosmetics, to ensure that he was completely dry. 2.Apply the cream on problem areas. 3.To carry out the procedure several times a day. Missing a few first time to relief suffering from psoriasis proved significant. Plaques and other rashes will fade, anger will no longer be disturbed. No side effects can not be afraid. Even there are no contraindications, except individual intolerance, which, however, is rare.

How it works?

Protivopolozhnye cream Psorimilk — external agent with a light texture, which is between cleansing milk and classic cream. When applied to problem areas of the psoriasis cream from works in the following way: 1.Softens dead skin particles of the epidermis, causing them to gently otkluchitsa and make room for new healthy skin cells. 2.Immediately after rubbing reduces the much-hated sick people itching and eliminates the feeling of dry, tight and desperately in need of moisture surface.


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