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Royal Black Mask

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Royal Black Mask is the mask, which effectively prevents acne. Similar rashes may occur regardless of age and occur from contamination of dermis. Black point no one decorate, but only upset. Effective method of disposal will become a daily hygiene.
The proper effect is not always achieved, even if you constantly use scrubs and gels for cleaning and carry out a peeling procedure. Cleaning stubborn dirt and is quite powerful and is associated with a problem areas of the skin, chin, nose and T-zone. This development allows to actively fight skin problems.
Especially well this mask has proven itself from acne in the power of useful properties:
deep penetration into the pores of the skin and their treatment;
the struggle with imperfect skin, black dots, acne and Shine caused by high fat content;
the improvement of the skin;
giving smoothness and increased elasticity to the epidermis;
calming of the skin;
reduce redness and inflammatory and irritable phenomena;
the narrowing of the pores;
hydration, softening of the skin.


Buyers opinion unanimously indicates that the mask is intended for persons Royal Black Mask, lead an effective fight against skin blemishes. A positive result is visible already after 2 weeks of treatment. The present composition major components: Bamboo charcoal provides deep cleansing of the skin. The active substances enter into the pores healthy and clean. This component handles the fight against acne, eliminating Shine. As a result, skin becomes clean and matte finish. Provitamin B5 helps moisturize, healing, softening and smoothing. Calms the skin becomes less irritated and reddened, and the dermis more elastic. Sprouted grains of wheat give tone to the skin, pulling her, softening, smoothing, moisturizing and smoothing. With the help of biologically active substances the skin becomes smooth, elastic and velvety. Grapefruit oil normalizes the sebaceous glands, the degree of expansion of the pores, whitens, improves drainage, prevents acne. Based on the reviews of those who used this tool, provided by a reinforced formula to struggle with dots of dark color.

Royal Black Mask - Instructions for use

The positive results of the Royal Black Mask appears after the first application. The tool is applied is very simple, in addition instruction manual. For applying it takes a thick layer over problematic skin areas treated before. The cream should not fall on the area around eyes and areas with hair and the damaged area. Complete drying of the mask stands after 25-30 minutes with subsequent elasticity. This is enough for deep penetration of active substances or exposure treatment. Half an hour later the mask should be gently removed from the face, and the remaining tool rinse with water. This tool should be applied three times a week with a repetition rate in a month.

How it works?

Cosmetic mask Royal Black Mask contains natural ingredients of Premium class. In an effort to create a unique line of care products for skin manufacturers apply innovative methods. Any product by the release of the undergoing clinical trials and control dermatological point of view. Means effective in the fight against acne and skin praise. According to the opinion of consumers, the mask is able to effectively deal with skin problems. 91% of participants felt the result after a single application. 84% of consumers said that their skin felt significantly healthier after 2 weeks of daily use. 93% of users a unique tool has allowed just 1 month to get rid of skin imperfections. According to the doctors, it is possible to speak about efficiency, since it occurs not only external relief, but each cell can be cured from the inside.


Royal Black Mask
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