Royal Gold Mask

Royal Gold Mask

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Royal Gold Mask is the mask of gold at the base, which triggers the rejuvenation of the cells. Components to effectively fight wrinkles and skin imperfections after applying the course. The woman’s age plays no role.
The tool, according to cosmetologists, is suitable for women who want to reduce symptoms associated with aging of the epidermis and the return of luxurious and radiant look to the skin. Work cosmetics Royal Gold Mask and increased effectiveness can be assessed in numerous reviews.


The structure of this tool: The gold nanoparticles. With their help aktiviziruyutsya breathing returns to normal gas exchange in the tissues, produces collagen in the cells. The skin is sufficiently saturated with oxygen, and therefore tightened. Algae. Due to the increased content of iodine is observed antiseptic effect, fade scars from acne, is governed by the development of subcutaneous fat, provides a wealth of trace elements. The hyaluronic acid. Protects cells from dehydration, and elasticity, and tissue elasticity increases. Collagen. Cloth quickly regenerated, the dermis is elastic, there is a reduction of deep wrinkles. Kaolin. Cleans pores, providing regulation of the sebaceous glands, removes dead cells, tightens pores. Extract of bilberry leaf. Skin sensitivity to allergens, acting as stimuli, reduced, so there comes the disinfection and comfort. According to dermatologists, Royal Gold Mask mask of wrinkles recommended for women who have expressed pigmentation and rash in the form of acne. The advice comes in the normal process of metabolism in the tissues and provides an antiseptic effect.

Royal Gold Mask - Instructions for use

The mask Royal Gold Mask is an anti-wrinkle should be applied according to the instructions: for starters, a person prepared to the procedure and is cleaned from impurities and make-up; dry powder and water diluted in the proportions of 2:1 to a creamy consistency; the finished mixture is distributed on the face; after a few minutes, removed the foil, frozen at that moment; use 2 times a week for 2 months; the prepared mixture is quickly applied to the face due to rapid solidification.

How it works?

For incoming substances are characterized by a high penetrating ability in relation to the deep layers of the epidermis. After applying the mask the respiratory processes in the cells aktiviziruyutsya, tissues are provided with more oxygen. Starts the production of collagen, which is necessary in order to rejuvenate the skin with its elasticity. Antiseptic action, protects the dermis and the bacteria that lead to disease. Thanks to the active components is accelerated regeneration, helping to eliminate scars left from acne. Normalising the process of developing melanin and pigmentation decreases. Women who regularly applied to the skin this tool, note how refreshed face, tightened skin and reduced wrinkles.


Royal Gold Mask
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