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Spanatal is a cream that is applied to the skin. After its removal, the hairs on the body break out together with the root. This does not damage the follicle itself, but its food slows down, which ensures a slow growth of the hairs. With each subsequent procedure, they become thinner, and then stop growing altogether.


As part of the cosmetic products are natural ingredients that provide a fast and painless epilation at home. Among them are: Fructose and glucose from Brazilian cane sugar, thanks to these components, the paste is easily applied to the skin and retains its elasticity; The walnut peel extract penetrates deeply into the epidermis, reaching the follicle, depleting the hair structure and slowing their growth; Lemon juice, helps to eliminate hair pigment, making them more light and invisible to others. In addition, the lemon juice gradually destroys their structure, because of which even the stiff bristles turn into fluff after several sessions;

Spanatal - Instructions for use

To carry out epilation on your own, you will need to perform several manipulations: Clean the skin from contaminants under running water, pat them with a towel and apply talc on them; Take a small amount of the drug and apply it with an even strip against the direction of hair growth (do this with your hands or with a special spatula); Wait 1-2 minutes; With a sharp movement, remove the strip in the direction of hair growth.

How it works?

Spanatal Sugar Paste has very good reviews. Due to its structure and ability to get as close as possible to the hairs, this product provides a quick and painless epilation at home. But in addition to the fact that its use allows you to remove unwanted vegetation on the body, it also contributes to: 1. Saturation of cells with useful micro and macro elements; 2. Elimination of pigmentation due to the content of lemon juice; 3. Restore elasticity and elasticity of the skin; 4. Slowing hair growth.


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