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Tinedol cream is a medicine external application of the fungus on the feet. The medication helps to quickly relieve itching, burning, eliminate unpleasant odor and restore and moisten the skin of the feet and the nail plate. The whole effect is achieved with a patented active formula and ingredients included in the composition of ointments.


Contraindications of cream, there is only individual intolerance of any of components of the composition, otherwise the ointment is totally harmless and has a health effect. It can not only cure the fungus at any stage, but is a powerful prevention. I now, if you go to the water Park, only with this tool in her purse. Harm him not, but any trailer microbe it exactly neutralizes instantly. Part Tinedol included: methylparaben is a strong antiseptic, disinfects, kills germs; stearate of polyethylene glycol – safe for even sensitive skin. But ruthless to the bacteria; climbazole – this ingredient is often found also in the anti-dandruff remedies, it inhibits the growth of fungi, removes all the consequences of their appearance, soothes the skin, relieves itching and redness; glycerin – moisturizes, nourishes and heals the skin; lanolin is also aimed at improving the skin condition of the feet, making it soft, smooth, heals cracks and relieves dryness and irritations; vitamin E – nourishes the skin, accelerates the processes of natural regeneration, improves the natural defenses; emulsion wax – enhances the texture, providing its comfortable usage. With this component, Tinedol leaves no residue on clothes and is quickly absorbed.

Tinedol - Instructions for use

Since the components of the ointment is aimed at the complete extermination of fungus, that is, microbes that delivers more uncomfortable and use it carefully. First, we cannot allow the team to mucous. If this happens, ointment for nail fungus according to the instructions you should immediately rinse with running water. Second, apply a cream put a thin layer on affected areas of the skin and nails. Is enough light massage movements, strongly RUB the tool is not necessary. After should just wait until the composition is fully absorbed. The palm should be rinsed with water, preferably with soap and water. Then you need again to have a strong impact components are not accidentally hit in the eye or on mucous membranes where they can cause irritation. Repeat the procedure, the manufacturer recommends daily for months, if necessary – longer.

How it works?

The manufacturer guarantees a long lasting result, provided regular application Tinedol and hygiene. To apply the ointment just at home and does not require any supervision from the experts. Botanical ingredients will not bring harm to health and the skin contraindications to the use of Tinedol do not exist. Selected and patented formula of active ingredients was formed based on the actions of each element separately, and each of them complements and enhances the action of another.


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