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ValgoSocks – clamps to get rid of hallux joints of the foot without changing lifestyle. The device operates safely and effectively.


The product developed by German scientists, stabilizes the position of the foot with metatarsal pads and bandages for thumb and little finger, which ensure correct load distribution on the foot. Are the socks for bones at the feet of the 2 clips and belt, covering the back of the foot above the heel. Design, controls the amount of effort and allows the foot, with deformed joints feel comfortable. The position of the lining should be changed 1-2 times a week.

ValgoSocks - Instructions for use

Socks from the cones on the legs easy to apply. The instructions from the manufacturer clearly explains the nuances of use of the product. 1.Putting on a sock, you must ensure that the little finger and thumb were in their designated area. 2.Fixed fastening on the heel. 3.Fasten the metatarsal lining. The optimal time period for wearing goods — 10-12 hours. To change the position of the strip 1 to 2 times a week.

How it works?

Action ValgoSocks is to restore the physiological position of the bones and joints. This happens when the eliminated transverse flatfoot is the main reason for "bones". The scientific name of the disease – valgus deviation of the big toe. Traditional medicine treats it only by surgery. For those who don't want to run the risk of the operation and there is a soft orthopedic corrector ValgoSocks.


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