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Valgu-correct is a gel fixer for a curved joint. The device is designed to improve the overall well-being of patients with valgus deformities of 1,2 and 3 stages. Regular wearing of the corrector will ensure:
• fixation of the affected joint in a convenient position;
• reducing the load on the cones when walking;
• protection of the curved joint from calluses due to tight shoes;
• reduction of pain in the lower extremities and elimination of discomfort caused by curvature of the joint;
• prevention of extreme leg fatigue;
• Restricting fingers from close contact with each other so that painful friction is not created.


The design of the Valgu-correct corrector is quite simple. The latch is made up of two components, each of which performs its function. The gel insole softly adheres to the affected area, protecting it from rubbing with shoes and other negative influences. This element significantly reduces pain when walking and provides comfortable toe of any shoe. The gel roller is placed between the thumb and forefinger. This insert pushes the diseased phalanx to make it to its proper place. Thus, the fixer optimizes the load on the forefoot and does not allow the valgus deformation to progress.

Valgu-correct - Instructions for use

The overlay should not be used without first consulting a doctor. The specialist diagnoses the stage of severity of the orthopedic problem, the need and appropriateness of wearing the device in this case, and also will write out the program of complex therapy. Do not put on a fixator if there is a fungal infection. If there are skin irritations, cracks, wounds or abrasions, the patch should be worn carefully, so as not to damage the damaged areas. Valgu-correct corrector has limitations on the time of application. It can not be worn for more than 10 hours a day. The device needs regular hygiene. Rinse it with water and detergent every day after wearing.

How it works?

The Valgu-correct patch makes a soft and gentle fixation of the affected joint. The material of the retainer has an increased elasticity, so that the anatomical position of the thumb is preserved and there is no discomfort even with a strong physical effect. The device prevents the deflection of the problem phalanx aside throughout the day, and the shoes fit.


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