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One of the best external means for the treatment and prevention of venous insufficiency is cream ointment Varicobooster.
The unique composition of the cream Varicobooster plant-based ingredients, does not cause the body mutagenic, teratogenic and toxic effects. Varicobooster can be used at any stage of the disease and its prevention.


The main advantage of cream is its unique formula, which has no analogues today. In the product contains natural ingredients that have a positive effect on the affected by varicose veins parts and as a whole on the entire body. These components are: horse chestnut, birch leaves, troxerutin, Ginkgo biloba, caffeine, honey, menthol, chamomile, mugwort, nettle, soy, coconut, essential oil, lemon oil. The cream contains substances that have a complex effect on the problem areas of the veins. Applied to the skin the cream is absorbed within a couple minutes. The leaves of birch and chestnut his influence, strengthen vessels, restore the skin structure, relieve pain and swelling of the legs. In addition, they restore the General tone of the legs. Troxerutin relieves cramps in the calf muscles at night, relieves pain and heaviness in the legs, helps to reduce the inflammatory process. Honey and caffeine to accelerate metabolism in tissues, stimulates blood circulation, have a tonic and cleansing effect. Herbal chamomile, sage, nettle, menthol – the gifts of nature, which have a beneficial effect. Eliminate sweating of the feet, have a deodorizing and refreshing effect, improves elasticity of blood vessels. Trace elements beneficial to promote rapid healing of microcracks. Essential oils moisturize the skin and saturate it with nutrients, stimulate blood circulation, eliminate the smell.

Varicobooster - Instructions for use

Just one application per day to obtain the desired effect. The fast absorption time makes it five minutes to wear clothes, do not fear for its purity. Undesirable irregular application of the drug (more than 5 times a day). This can lead to allergic reactions, rashes and other reactions. You should immediately contact a doctor if you experience abnormal reactions to the cream.

How it works?

First, you receive the refreshing effect of the herbal tea (peppermint, nettle ,chamomile ). He promptly relieves tired legs and gives them a freshness. An hour later, the action begins troxerutin: blocks the enzyme hyaluronidase,thus helping to preserve the tissues of hyaluronic acid, reduces the permeability of cell membranes, reduces diabetes(penetration of blood cells outside the vascular bed) and exudation of the liquid portion of the plasma increases the density of the vascular walls. With prolonged use, start to operate other components Varicobooster. There is a saturation of vitamins, enhanced antioxidant activity, positively affecting structural changes of the vascular walls and surrounding tissues.


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