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Varikosette ointment not only helps to get rid of varicose veins, vascular networks, nodules, but also relieves puffiness and burning sensation and pain in the legs, and leads the skin to tone.


Before applying Varikosette to the skin, remove the squeezing socks, stockings or pantyhose. Give legs rest 10-20 minutes. Apply cream massaging circular movements, moving from the foot to the shin and covering the entire surface, prone to varicose veins. The cream absorbs into the skin fast enough. After application, it is advisable to lie down and rest for half an hour, lifting your legs slightly. On the recommendation of a doctor, you can also wear compression stockings.

Varikosette - Instructions for use

Cream Varikosette is made on the basis of traditions and recipes of oriental medicine. In its composition only the best components: leaves ginkgo biloba, witch hazel extract, horse chestnut extract, troxerutin and urea. Ginkgo-biloma leaves extract: relieves inflammation and swelling; increases the elasticity of blood vessels; tones up the skin; has a positive effect on blood circulation. Troxerutin and urea: strengthens the walls of vessels and skin; has anti-edematous effect; relieves pain and heaviness in the legs; fights with cramps of calf muscles; tones and moisturizes the skin. Extract of witch hazel: helps dissolve blood clots; relieves pain, swelling; thanks to the included in the tannins has a vasoconstrictive effect; minimizes permeability of capillaries, stimulates the outflow of lymph fluid. Extract of horse chestnut: tones veins; heals hematomas; removes vascular mesh; struggles with the fragility of the capillaries; eliminates the existing thrombi and prevents the appearance of new ones.

How it works?

Active components of the cream carefully and safely affect the veins of the legs and promote their active recovery. Regular use of the presented means guarantees the cessation of venous deformity, resorption of thrombi, nodes and seals, disappearance of edema and severity.


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