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Waist Trainer

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Ideals of beauty change every decade, and women try to keep up with these trends. Never comes out of the trend the fact that men are most attracted to a woman’s waist. Especially for these purposes, the pulling corset Waist Trainer was invented, which allows you to again make your waist taut and beautiful. Not every woman maintains harmony and sportiness after marriage and childbirth, and fatty deposits appear in the abdomen, which can be difficult to get rid of.


The product consists of hooks to fasten the corset, with a cotton lining, with hidden under the lining of the rods to give it a shape, and from the base material - latex. As for latex, it is an absolutely safe product that does not cause allergies. Its structure is not deformed, will not lose its attractive appearance and will not be damaged for many years. All other accessories have anticorrosive properties and are designed in such a way as not to bring discomfort when wearing a corset. The main producer of "Waist Trainer" is Columbia, although the affiliates of the developer company are now in the USA.

Waist Trainer - Instructions for use

Begin wearing a corset is recommended from 3-4 hours per day, gradually increasing this time to 8-9 hours. A durable product on the middle part of the trunk is ideal for ordinary walking, running, exercising or simply wearing under the clothes with corrective purposes. Especially the best corset will be in the right order and control portions of food. Do not forget about the measured physical activity. "Waist Trainer" - an excellent preventive tool for restoring pathologies when performing increased physical loads in the gym.

How it works?

The tasks that can solve the corset "Waist Trainer" are included in the list of concerns for almost every average woman. Namely: Change the size of the waist in the smaller side; destruction of fatty deposits in the region of the sides, abdomen, loin, back; relief of fatigue in the lower back; change in the wrong posture of the spine. Before entering the international market, the corset was tested by leading medical workers and well-known fitness trainers. To date, this product is the most popular among the corrective corsets and has no analogues in performance.


Waist Trainer
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