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Zerosmoke – A set of two biomagnets is attached to a special point in your ear, controlling and reducing cravings for smoking and nicotine addiction.

Biomagnets have a gold coating of 24 carats, which works as a natural conductor and protects you from allergic reactions.


Zerosmoke is 2 magnets with gold plating in 24 carats. Gold is used as a natural conductor, which does not cause skin irritation and allergic reaction. There are 2 types of Zerosmoke on sale: biomagnets of different sizes (8x1 mm and 5x1 mm) with normal or white gold deposition. Both options are equally effective. Magnets of the same size are also offered, but this is not an original, but a fake.

Zerosmoke - Instructions for use

Using Zerosmoke is easy: Place the magnets on the auricle with clean, dry hands. To choose the correct place for attaching magnets is better, using a mirror and checking the picture in the instruction (supplied). For right-handed people, you need to put the magnets on your right ear, and for left-handed ones, on the left. Taking the magnet with your fingertips, the smaller magnet should be placed on the inner, well-visible surface of the auricle, and the larger size - corresponding to this zone on the outer surface of the ear. Being attracted to each other, the magnets are well retained on the auricle and, by activating the attachment point, impulses are sent to the brain. Magnets should not cause discomfort or pain. If there are any unpleasant sensations, you should slightly move the magnets or put them on a little later. Attached magnets need to be worn 2-4 hours a day (you can divide the exposure time by 2 times - 2 hours 2 times a day). It is better to use Zerosmoke in rest hours, but this is not a prerequisite, you can do your usual business. Do not put on magnets with a keen desire to smoke or a feeling of anxiety, depression. It is better at this time to massage your fingers for 1 minute, the area of ​​the auricle, to which the magnets are attached. Do not use Zerosmoke at night. During the first 6 days it is desirable to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, if you can not immediately completely get rid of smoking. On the 7th day of using magnets from smoking should be discarded and continue to use Zerosmoke. Usually, after a month, the desire to smoke no longer occurs, and magnets are no longer necessary. The testimonies indicate that the course of treatment can be shorter and longer. In particularly inveterate smokers, this technology of combating smoking can be combined with other methods and means of treatment.

How it works?

Regardless of the experience of smoking, you can get rid of it with the help of Zerosmoke in a month, and without physical and psychological stresses, both physical and psychological dependence will disappear. During this month the body will restore normal metabolism - a repulsive smell from the mouth, an earthy shade of the face and circles under the eyes, dyspnea will disappear. Clinical trials have proven the effectiveness of the procedure. Zerosmoke is not recommended for pregnant women and patients with established electromedical devices: defibrillator, pacemaker, pump for insulin administration.


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